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"LYS put me in contact with myself and my dreams, and made me realize that no goal is impossible."

July 19-24, 2015 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge

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LYS is a weeklong leadership camp held on the campus of Louisiana State University during the third week in July. During LYS, students go through a series of skill building exercises focused on leadership skills. Through a series of “hands on” experiences, they use their newly developed skills in a group setting to discover that leadership is not merely a matter of position or authority, but a matter of action. Students are encouraged to make a difference and to apply their knowledge and experience in their schools and communities. LYS is specifically designed for incoming high school juniors and seniors (and sophomores who are up for the challenge) who demonstrate leadership abilities in their schools and communities. Students come to LYS in a variety of ways: nominated by their school or a teacher, registered by their parent, recruited by a LYS alum, recommended by a friend.

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